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Risbjerggard - Hvidovre Kulturhus
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The competition proposal for the new Culture House in Hvidovre, wanted to tell the story of the former Risbjerggård, carrying it into a new context with strong roots in the past, creating a present future in an open design. The spaces in and around the theatre, would reach out to the local community, in an atmospheric and vibrant cultural house and theatre.

As a visitor to the Cultural House you are gradually guided from the reality of the outside world into the world of theatre and art (through the orangery, the foyer and finally into the theatre hall). To support this transition, the proposal includes scenography as a key component, which functions as a window into the artistic world. Like a work of art, the elements of theatre scenery give visitors a glimpse into the atmosphere of the theatre, just as it can accommodate exhibitions, activities and potentials for pause and reflection. In this way, visitors can feel the magic of the backstage and the excitement before a show.

The materials of the cultural house are light and sustainable for the sake of the building’s lifecycle, its operation and its maintenance. The wooden facade places the cultural house into the context of the surrounding context, as well as telling a clear story of the building’s environmental sustainability.


Tanja Jordan

Hvidovre Kommune

Primus Arkitekter, Sangberg Architects, JPM, Lasse Bo Handberg og Riis Akustik